Bhutan Tour - Day 6 - Punakha to Paro

Punatshangchhu (Puna) cottages, Punatshangchhu (Puna) cottages in Bajo town, around 5 km from the Wangdue Phodrang, and 16 km from Punakha Dzong are situated on Punatshangchhu River. The cottages are nestled in around 18 acres of green cover and as you relax in the patio, the awesome view of Chimmi Lhakhang, mountains, fields and cloudy skies along with the flowing river kick starts your day on such a perfect note.

Just outside our cottage was a local mango tree (not as huge as we see in India) and we just felt like spending our day sitting idle, gazing at the river listening to the soulful chants that we could hear from the nearby monastery.
But it was time to resume our journey from Punakha to Paro and hence we hurriedly had our breakfast (Toasts, Jam, butter, honey, Omelette, French fries, Orange and Apple juice, Tea/Coffee) and left the Puna Cottages.
. Punatshangchhu (Puna) cottages with view of River & mountains

Breakfast table at Puna Cottages with the view of River & Mountains Breakfast table at Puna Cottages with the view of River & Mountains
Finally we spotted a Yak, grazing on a hill, on our way from Punakha to Paro.
Yak on Mountain while returning from Punakha And how can we cross Dochula Pass without halting there?

Back to Dochula Pass again

Punakha Route Permit Check Post office to register the visit to Punakha Punakha Route Permit Check Post office
After travelling around 100 km, passing by the mighty mountains and paddy fields, Apple orchards and cactus flowers, we arrived in Paro. We stopped at Hotel Sonam to have a quick meal before visiting National Museum of Bhutan.

National Museum of Bhutan ![National Museum of Bhutan] Situated just opposite to the watch tower, this cultural museum is famous for the display of colorful masks that are used while performing during Tshechu (annual religious Bhutanese festivals). A documentary shown on screen, briefed us about various festivals and dance forms associated with each festival. Various galleries showcasing ancient artifacts, utensils, statues, flora and fauna, and some information about important animals, places and cultural activities would enlighten you about the history and culture of Bhutan.
Photography is not allowed inside and your guide will be provided with locker/s, where you can safely place your camera before entering the museum.
As you step outside the building, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Paro valley and it was amazing to see sunrays peeping out from the clouds and falling on the valley below.


Near the Paro town, there is a farm house where Make My Trip people have organized a get together, so that we can experience Archery, the national sport game of Bhutan and Khuru (Dart), which is yet another popular game played everywhere in Bhutan.
They have also arranged for Gho (Traditional National dress of Bhutan for Men) and Kira (For women) and the local staff helped us to wear the traditional dresses. Flaunting out colorful traditional outfits, we clicked zillion pictures while trying our hands at archery and Khuru.
Those were some of the most beautiful moments that we got to spend in Bhutan as we chuckled at all the missed targets and cheered for all the ‘bulls- eyes’. MakeMyTrip FarmHouse to try Gho & Kira Dress & do Archery

Souvenir Market in Paro, Bhutan
As we came back in the town, our guide gave us an hour or so to shop at Souvenir market. The shops lined on either side of the road, were beautiful and were stocked with artifacts, handmade boots, hand woven clothes, paintings, sculptures etc. There were some grocery stores around and there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the vegetable market situated behind the shops.

Exhausted after a tiring day, we quickly boarded our coaster to reach hotel Olathang to unwind and charge ourselves for the most challenging day ahead, i.e a trek to visit Tiger’s Nest.
Sovenir Market in Paro

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